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Hey so I recently hit 200 followers so WOW THANK YOU GUYS ALL OF YOU. I’ll ignore the fact that 9 of you are porn blogs, and get to the point: giveaway time. I cannot make edits and I suck at fanmixes, plus I just have no time with school right around the corner, so I WILL ACTUALLY SPEND MONEY ON YOU GUYS YOU ARE WELCOME.

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» Slave Labor


     The silence is enough to drive anyone mad. It’s fair reasoning for his wandering and humming. His eyes are glazed over and his hands are covered in paint. He knows, eventually, he ought to sleep. Instead he pulls up a stool, frowning at the canvas propped up on the easel in his apartment.

          This is life, a nightly ritual.
                              A sacrament to his own thoughts
                                                  and creative processes.


          Let him work himself into exhaustion
                              if he so desires.
                                                  He’s expecting company.

      Late night calls from Cohen were customary by then. They came often enough during their time in New York for a naiver Silas to believe he was special. It was an honor and privilege then to linger on the artist’s restless mind in the wee hours of the morning, above the opium and absinthe that’d failed to bring his ‘muse’ peace. Now in Rapture, they were bittersweet. Honor turned to contractual obligation, privilege to relief that he’d been called on before Finnegan or Rodriguez. At least, he clung to the illusion of superiority, unwilling to humor the jealousy that the alternative merited.

     He arrives to Sander’s suite just after four, the usual dark circles cast under each eye, a working day’s fatigue weighing visibly on his shoulders. It’s too late—or too damn early—to pester the neighbors with the bell. Two calloused knuckles tap against the mahogany instead, though the soft noise still manages to shatter the silence in the empty lobby.

     He doesn’t bother straightening up as the knock is answered. Cohen can grouse about posture if he wants. Nitpicking like that always goes in one ear and out the other anyway.

    “Evenin’.” He barely contains a yawn. If the artist decides to be halfway decent, he’ll put on a pot of coffee for his ‘disciple’s’ trouble.


                                      “You rang?

» Opening Act | carlxsle

     Silas wasn’t a nervous fellow by any means. Perhaps timid at times, or even aloof, but never the anxious type when it came down to business. But, as he stood on the virgin stage of the Icarus Lounge, the southerner felt something he hadn’t in years—butterflies. A whole colony’s worth. 

    The reality of his own success had yet to set in. In fact, he considered it “pending” as he eyed over the empty venue, quietly envisioning the opening night crowd set to arrive in just a few short hours. Anyone sensible would’ve been ecstatic, buzzing with merriment at the prospect of a dream finally realized. But, Cobb wasn’t the sensible type either. Instead, he was impatient. Skeptical. Even anxious as he compulsively checked his wristwatch, scowling as he tallied every minute passed the hour.

    The house band was told to be there by six for rehearsal. At 6:15, Silas was still alone on that platform. Thomas, the band leader, finally arrived at 6:21, though alone. Catching sight of him at the door, Silas huffed and placed his hands to his hips as he shot the man an incredulous look.


        “Tommy!” he shouted across the way, rustic drawl echoing loud against the empty walls and newly polished floors, “Where the hell’ve you been? An’ where’s the rest a’ yer boys?”

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» 15 Associations.

Reblog and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. Animal; Horse
2. Color; Red
3. Month; November 
4. Song; “Guitar Man”—Elvis Presley and/or “Fine & Mellow”—Billie Holiday
5. Number; 1
6. Day or Night; Day
7. Plant; Lilies 
8. Smell; Smoke, aftershave, the smell guitar strings leave behind on the tips of your fingers
9. Gemstone; Garnet
10. Season; Autumn
11. Place; A ranch in Tennessee
12. Food; Lemon squares
13. Astrological Sign; Aquarius
14. Element(s); Fire
15. Drink; Coffee


columbiacalling's 200+ follower milestone giveaway

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You look so handsome in those bloodied images~ I think I love that worried expression on your face. <3


   ”Y’know, a gentleman woulda offered tuh’ help clean up.
         No surprise that mean ol’ Mr. Kaden couldn’t be bothered.”

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Your writing is a pleasure to read.

Oh my—whAT. I have no idea what I’ve done to merit such random praise, but it is sincerely appreciated. I’m so glad you like what I’m doing, because it’s easy for me to nitpick & get down on myself about it. Really, thank you very, very much. You made my day :D Probably my week, actually.